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A Dangerous Inheritance by Alison Weir

ISBN: 978-0-345-51189-8
Published by: Ballantine Books
Publication Date: October 2012
Price: $27.00 (US)

Synopsis from the Publisher:

In this engrossing novel of historical suspense, New York Times bestselling author Alison Weir tells the dramatic intertwined stories of two women—Katherine Grey and Kate Plantagenet—separated by time but linked by twin destinies . . . . involving the mysterious tragic fate of the young Princes in the Tower.
When her older sister, Lady Jane Grey, the Nine Days’ Queen, is executed in 1554 for unlawfully accepting the English crown, Lady Katherine Grey’s world falls apart. Barely recovered from this tragic loss she risks all for love, only to incur the wrath of her formidable cousin Queen Elizabeth I, who sees Katherine as a rival for her insecure throne.
 Interlaced with Katherine’s story is that of her distant kinswoman Kate Plantagenet, the bastard daughter of Richard III, the last Plantagenet king. In 1483, Kate travels to London for Richard’s coronation, and her world changes forever.
 Kate loves her father, but before long she hears terrible rumors about him that threaten all she holds dear. Like Katherine Grey, she falls in love with a man who is forbidden to her. Then Kate embarks on what will become a perilous quest, covertly seeking the truth about what befell her cousins the Princes in the Tower, who may have been victims of Richard III’s lust for power. But time is not on Kate’s side, or on Katherine’s.
 Katherine finds herself a prisoner in the Tower of London, the sinister fortress that overshadowed the lives of so many royal figures, including the boy princes. Will Elizabeth demand the full penalty for treason? And what secrets will Katherine find hidden within the Tower walls?
 Alison Weir’s new novel is a page-turning story set within a framework of fascinating historical authenticity. In this rich and layered tapestry, Katherine and Kate discover that possessing royal blood can prove to be a dangerous inheritance.

Why I Liked A Dangerous Inheritance

I could be a little prejudice here, because I love 15th century England. It was a terrible time, especially for women, and Alison Weir knows that. She beautifully portrays the hardships women underwent, especially how worthless they were to men at that time. Pawns in a game, disrespected more often than not, and sold in business transactions called marriages. Kudos to Weir for having that come across to readers so well.

Another reason I liked this book is because I like this story. There is so much mystery and intrigue behind Richard III and the lost princes of the tower, that the plot is ripe for a fiction novel. Did Richard have his own nephews killed? Who knows. But Alison Weir takes a crack at finding out, and it was well done. I also like the story of Elizabeth I and like how she was portrayed in Weir’s book. Formidable, yet vulnerable.

I liked the characters, the protagonists and the sub-characters, and was enthralled with how Katherine set about discovering the truth. There were moments where both Kate and Katherine’s choices irritated me, but that was to be expected as each of them came of age and got wiser.

I also think this book was great for the historical facts included. Alison Weir is a scholar of the era and has written a great many non-fiction works. At the end of A Dangerous Inheritance she reveals the truth of the matter, and admits the areas in which she took some liberties. I think that made this book all the more fun to read.

Why I Did Not Like A Dangerous Inheritance

Unfortunately, there was one thing about this book that I just could not get over. Weir wrote this story in first person, from the perspectives of the two different Kates as the respective heroines. I will say that she tried admirably to keep the stories separated by using Kate or Katherine respectively, and did not deter from those names in their respective POV’s. But, no matter how hard I tried, I was still left floundering in the dust of the story. Weir always cleared it up, but I did not like being confused so much.

Do I Think You Should Buy It

A Dangerous Inheritance is a good story, point blank! However, I do not know if it is buy-off-the-shelf-worthy. At 27 bucks a pop, I would hold off until this one is on sale. But I WOULD get it. Eventually. The story really is a good one and I do recommend you read it, I just think the effort you have to put into keeping the story straight makes it a buy-on-sale book.

In the June memoir from Sourcebooks Inc., All Roads Lead to Austen the author Amy Elizabeth Smith took Jane Austen’s works along with her as she traveled to foreign countries. Her goal was to see if the magic of Jane Austen could hold its power across borders, languages and cultures.

 Amy took Jane to far off countries – and Sourcebooks needs your help to take her even further! They are holding a contest called All Around the World with Jane! Join them on their Austen love fest by printing out their Jane Austen “flat Stanley.” Take pictures of yourself with Jane in your hometown or on your vacation, and submit it from April 30th – June 30th!

They will award the following prizes to the individuals with the most creative picture:

1 Grand Prize Winner will receive:

  • An E-reader with all of Sourcebooks Inc. available Austen
    sequels/continuations downloaded on to it
  • A signed copy of All Roads Lead to Austen
    by Amy Elizabeth Smith
  • A Skype session with Amy Elizabeth Smith

3 Second Place Winner will receive:

  • A signed copy of All Roads Lead to Austen
    by Amy Elizabeth Smith
  • A choice of 5 Jane Austen sequels/continuations
    from Sourcebooks

5 Third Place Winners will receive:

  • A signed copy of All Roads Lead to Austen
    by Amy Elizabeth Smith


You can then submit your pictures on the All Around the World with Jane Facebook page or email your submission to and be a winner of the game. Winning in this competition is just like a big winner in a game of bingo.

Here are some examples of where Jane has been already: Times Square, The Jane Austen Centre in Bath, and the Sourcebooks offices!






and here is the flat Stanley that you can print off (also available on the Facebook page).

One more thing! Barnes & Noble will be
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Let’s see Jane go as many places as possible!


Hi beautiful readers.

I want to apologize for being a little behind on announcing contests winners. The contests are still valid, and winners will be drawn. Prizes will be given.

Please stay with me and look out for the announcement coming soon!

To make up for it I will have some autographed give aways coming soon. So stay tuned.

Today Laugh Love Write is very happy to interview the one and only Elaine Coffman, bestselling author of The Graham Series. This month, Elaine releases her brand new addition to the Mackinnon-Douglas series; The Return of Black Douglas, a one-of-a-kind time travel romance. Having written over twenty novels, and been referred to as a cross between champagne and apple pie, Elaine Coffman is definitely one beautifully funny author we should all get to know.

Elaine Coffman on her new book; The Return of Black Douglas

 LLW: Your newest book; The Return of Black Douglas was just released, can you tell us what scene in the book is your favorite?

Elaine Coffman:   I really have two:  When the twins meet the Black Douglas for the first time; when the heroine meets hero for the first time. 

LLW: In The Return of Black Douglas two sisters travel through time, I noticed Isobella’s sister had a different ending in the epilogue than I had expected, will you be telling her story?

Elaine Coffman:  Elisabeth gets her own book, Lord of the Black Isle, which will be in stores next Summer (2012).

LLW: Why did you pick the Black Douglas and the Douglas clan for your Mackinnon-Douglas series?

Elaine Coffman:  Actually, my readers picked them.  When I finished the last of my seven book Mackinnon series in 1997, I received lots of mail, asking for a series on the Mackinnon’s Scottish ancestors and the same for The Bride of Black Douglas, so I combined them.

Suite101: If The Return of Black Douglas gained a movie deal, which actors would you cast in the character roles?

Elaine Coffman:  Kiera Knightly because she has the spunk and the beauty, although I’d have to pretend her eyes weren’t brown.  For the hero, either Gerard Butler or Matthew Macfadyen would be good- both handsome, both Scots, both with dark hair and stunning blue eyes.  Butler is 6’1, Macfadyen is 6’3”, so they both have the tall, lean masculinity I envision.  Plus the dark hair, light eyes and masculine good looks that match my hero.

Elaine Coffman on Writing

LLW: What do you think makes a good story?

Elaine Coffman:   Since I write a more “character driven” story, than a plot driven one, I’d have to say characters play a huge role.  If the reader doesn’t bond with the characters, they aren’t going to read far enough to know if they plot pleased them or not.  However, one can never ignore the plot and it needs to be fresh, strong, and well-paced.

LLW: Do you draw inspiration from reading other books, from family or other sources?

Elaine Coffman:  I was inspired to write my first book, My Enemy, My Love, by a letter written by my great-great grandmother in 1920, shortly before her death at age 90.  In that letter she told of her journey from Kentucky to Texas.

LLW: Do you take on a lot of research for your novels? What sort of things do you research?

Elaine Coffman:  I’ve always been a bit of a stickler when it comes to research. The Return of Black Douglas was the earliest time period I have written about, being set in 1515, so I was especially eager to do the research.  I researched the ancient Celts and the Dal Riada tribes of Ireland that first came to Scotland, including St. Columba who started the first monastery on Iona.  For my archaeologist heroine, I had to study archaeology and medicine for her doctor sister.

LLW: You have written westerns, historical, suspense. Which book was your favorite to write and why?
Elaine Coffman:   Oh my, that is like asking me who is my favorite child; however, I suppose this book would certainly be at the top.  I’ve always wanted to write a book with a knight.  Before I became a teacher, I dreamed of being an archaeologist, so Isobella fulfilled a long-lost desire of mine to be an archaeologist, and then there was the medical research for Isobella’s sister, Elisabeth.

LLW: Who has been your most challenging character to write and why? 

Elaine Coffman:  That would probably be Margery Mackinnon, in my first book to hit the New York Times Bestseller List, If You Love Me.  Margery was kidnapped as a child by Indians.  As an adult she was bought by an English artist traveling and painting in the American west.  For spite against his English duke father, he married her, took her to England, and dumped her with his family, then returned to America.  I had to deal with language, civilizing her without destroying her uniqueness, turning a woman considered a heathen into the toast of London society.

Elaine Coffman Answers Some Personal Questions

LLW: Which authors do you like to read and what is your favorite book of all time?

Elaine Coffman:  Always a voracious reader, I don’t have much time now to read for pleasure, due to the amount of research I do.  I don’t read romances, because I don’t want to be influenced by what others are writing, or their style.  I enjoy books on subjects that interest me: archaeology, art, psychology, travel, geography, history, ancient medicine and civilizations, clothing, Scotland.  Favorite book is The Yearling, by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, which I read for my first book report in the seventh grade.

LLW: What books have most influenced your life?

Elaine Coffman:  The Bible, Of Mice and Men, World Book Encyclopedia (which I would read every afternoon when I came home from elementary school), Old Yeller, Lapierre’s Artemisia, East of Eden, Edith Hamilton’s Mythology, Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey, Fromm’s The Art of Loving, Ridley’s GaribaldiThe Leopard, The Glass Menagerie, Tess of the D’Urbervilles, The Red Pony, The Oxbow Incident, Iliad and OdysseyCandide,  History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire,  War and Peace, Great Expectations,  Aesop’s Fables,  The Mayor of Casterbridge, Byatt’s- Possession, The Decameron, Kaku’s- Einstein’s Cosmos.

LLW: And last but not least, is there anything else you would like your readers to know about you or the books you write?

Elaine Coffman:  Coming in 2012, Lord of Black Isle, the third book in the Mackinnon-Douglas series.  This time you will get the other twin, Elisabeth’s story.

He’ll Help a Woman in Need No Matter Where She Came From…
Alysandir Mackinnon rules his clan with a fair but iron fist. He has not time for softness or, as he sees it, weakness. But when he encounters a bewitching young beauty who may or may not be a dangerous spy, but surely is in mortal danger, he’s compelled to help…

She’s Always Wondered if She Was Born in the Wrong Time…
Thrown back in time to the tumultuous, dangerous Scottish Highlands of the sixteenth century, Isobella Douglas has a lot to learn about her ancestors, herself, and her place in the world. Especially when she encounters a Highland laird who puts modern men to shame…

Each one has secrets to keep, until they begin to strike a chord in each other’s hearts that’s never been touched before…


About the Author

Since her first publication in 1988, New York Times Bestselling author Elaine Coffman’s books have been on the NYT, USA Today Top 50, and Ingram’s Romance bestsellers lists, and won four nominations for Best Historical Romance of the Year, Reviewers Choice, Best Western Historical, and The Maggie. Elaine lives in Austin, Texas, where she is working on her next book! For more information, please visit

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Quick press release from the wonderful Danielle over at Sourcebooks…

Miranda’s Big Mistake by Jill Mansell is a DOUBLE Bestseller this week: 

#12 on the New York Times eBook Fiction Bestseller List

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Below are the links to purchase Miranda at $2.99. Please note if you see the higher price, to be patient as we are working with all of our eBook retailers and they will update the price as soon as they can.


A New York Times and USA Today Bestseller!

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Miranda’s Big Mistake tells the story of young hairdresser Miranda, who repeatedly falls for the wrong guy. When Miranda meets the practically perfect Greg, she thinks she’s found Mr. Right…until she discovers he recently left his wife…who’s pregnant! As Miranda plans a painful and public display of revenge for Greg, her good friend Danny is her confidant—will Miranda learn from her mistakes with men, or will she miss the perfect guy who always seems to be waiting for her in the wings?

Barnes & Noble





All Romance eBooks


Hi everyone – Quick update from the folks at Sourcebooks Inc.

 The following three eBooks will be free from today until Sunday: 

Lydia Bennet’s Story by Jane Odiwe

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The Greatest Knight by Elizabeth Chadwick

            Her highly anticipated release, To Defy a King will be released March 1st

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