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 OK, so I know there is absolutely no excuse, but I only now realized that I forgot to write a review for a book I read months ago. To make matters worse, this is no ordinary book, it was written by one of my favorite authors! How could I forget, You ask….Life, I tell you! Life just got in the way. So, here is my (not so formal) apology to the ever-lovely Susanna Kearsley and the folks at Sourcebooks Inc.

The Shadowy Horses by Susanna Kearsley
ISBN: 978-01-4022-5870-1
Published by: Sourcebooks Inc.
Publication Date: October 2012
Price: $16.99 (US)

Back cover blurb :

Archaeologist Verity Grey has been drawn to the dark legends of the Scottish Borderlands in search of the truth buried in a rocky field by the sea.
Her eccentric boss has spent his whole life searching for the resting place of the lost Ninth Roman Legion and is convinced he’s finally found it—not because of any scientific evidence, but because a local boy has “seen” a Roman soldier walking in the fields, a ghostly sentinel who guards the bodies of his long-dead comrades.
Here on the windswept shores, Verity may find the answer to one of the great unsolved mysteries of our time. Or she may uncover secrets someone buried for a reason.

What I thought of The Shadowy Horses

If you love history, suspense, romance, and good writing, then this book is for you!

So far, Susanna Kearsley has not let me down, and she remains to this day, one of my favorite authors. This book, as with her previous ones, hold a valid appeal, not just for the author’s imagination, but because of the way she conveys it to the reader. The Shadowy Horses somehow manages to keep the reader firmly established in the present, all while providing the air of mystery that comes with the past. The story was captivating, the plot intriguing, and I could not put it down.

For those of you who want a little more intel, here goes. Let’s start with the characters. Verity Grey is our leading woman. Subdued, yet vibrant, she is an archaeologist always seeking the next adventure. Persuaded by a former lover to join the dig, Verity winds up in a tiny town investigating one of the greatest mysteries of time, the disappearance of the Ninth Legion. She is charismatic and heroic, determined, and lovable.

Verity’s love interest is David Fortune, a fellow archaeologist and local, a man full of mystery himself, and handsome to boot. Because the story is written in the 1st person point of view from Verity, David always holds an air of mysteriousness for the reader as well as the heroine. His thoughts and motives are always unknown, and always intriguing.

One of my favorite characters however, is the loony man leading this crazy expedition. Right from his first introduction Peter is charming in the old gentleman sort of way, as eccentric as a passionate explorer can be, and just the right sort of character who can make you smile when he commands a scene. I mention these three characters because of all of them, these three are the most unforgettable. These three dominate the pages and command your attention. There is, of course, others. Like little Robbie who is more important to the expedition than anyone realizes, Verity’s ex-lover who provides just enough male chauvinistic attitude to keep a smirk on your face, David’s endearingly stubborn mom, and the list goes on.

Being an avid history buff, I was in love with this plot line too. Kearsley pulls off a beautiful mystery, keeping the reader enthralled with what’s going to happen, is it or isn’t it kind of stuff. I am sure I will think of more good stuff to write about this book, because I really did like it. I recommend it, and would love to hear what others think. There are of course, some things I should warn you about.

Do not read this book if…

You like more sex scenes than anything else. There is only one sexual scene and it is G-rated, and definitely on the sweety heart side. There is romance, of course, but it is the lovey dovey stuff that just sort of melts your heart. So if you are expecting that alpha-male knock-the-heroine-over-sort, then be warned you won’t find it here. This book is more suspenseful than romantic. And one more warning…you may figure out who the villain is a little soon, but do not worry, it does not ruin the story. Could the climax have been a little more, well, climactic? Yes. But I still liked the book all the same.

Sarah Wendell, or as she is more commonly known; Smart Bitch Sarah, is the power storm behind the romance fiction review blog; Smart Bitches, Trashy Books. In April 2009, her first book, co-written with Candy Tan; Heaving Bosoms: The Smart Bitches’ Guide to Romance, was published by Touchtone/Fireside, and is now in use in undergraduate courses at Yale, Princeton, and DePaul. To borrow from her bio on Smart Bitches, Trashy Books, her website “specializes in reviewing romance novels, examining the history and future of the genre, and bemoaning the enormous prevalence of bodacious pectorals adorning male cover models.”

Now, Sarah brings us the gift book; Everything I Know About Love, I Learned From Romance Novels, which as Sarah says… “puts to rest the sad idea that romances create unrealistic expectations of love, relationships, and sex.”

Sarah Wendell tells it like it is, in her new straight-forward book; Everything I Know About Love I Learned From Romance Novels.

Everything I Know About Love, I Learned From Romance Novels
Author: Wendell, Sarah
Publisher: Sourcebooks Inc.
Publication Date: October 2011
ISBN: 978-1-4022-5449-9

From Sourcebooks Inc.

Take a dashing hero with a heart of gold and a mullet of awesome. Add a heroine with a bustle and the will to kick major butt. Then include enough contrivances to keep them fighting while getting them alone and possibly without key pieces of clothing, and what do you have? A romance novel. What else? Enough lessons about life, love, and everything in between to help you with your own happily-ever-after.
Lessons like…
Romance means believing you are worthy of a happy ending
Learning to tell the prince from the frog
Real-life romance is still alive and kicking
No matter how bad it is, at least you haven’t been kidnapped by a Scottish duke (probably)

What I think of the Book

I am going to cut straight to the chase about this book and am not going to bother with any of the preliminaries.

As plainly as I can manage, let me just tell you: I loved this book!

Anyone who has ever read Sarah Wendell’s work knows she writes “with none of the bullshit,” and simply tells it like it is. With this sort of book, that wit is invaluable. Sarah tackles many of the incorrect stereotypes associated with romance fiction readers and lends a new credibility to the under-appreciated role of the romance writer.
With humor and style, Sarah Wendell compiles anecdotes from authors, readers and everyone in between, providing a composite the likes of which has never been seen before.

For example, Sarah addresses not only what we learn to do in relationships, but also what not to do, all from reading romance novels. She explains how readers don’t accumulate misguided ideas about love, but how they are able to apply certain notions to better their real-life relationships.
Romances don’t just teach us about love, but they also teach us about ourselves, about what we individually need in a partner, and what we need to work on to become a better partner.

With a unique style of writing, Sarah Wendell has given readers a coffee-table self-help book that is refreshing and actually speaks in favor of romance novels…Hallelujah!

Sarah has given romance fiction fans ammunition against naysayers (who never really do know what they’re talking about) and brought into our homes a sense of community; a reminder that we, romance fiction readers, are not alone and there are others like us out there.

Whether you are a romance fiction junkie or a romance fiction enemy, this is the book for you.

Having been a romance reviewer for some time, there were points made in this book that were news to me and left me with a sense of needing to recommend this book to EVERYONE!

Sarah Wendell will make you laugh while reprimanding you and shock the socks right off your feet, all with a smile and a no-nonsense manner. Seriously, read this book, you won’t regret it. In fact, I will bet you wind up referencing it from time to time and find yourself re-reading it over and over again.

Bring It Close by Helen Hollick
Being the Third Voyage of Cpt. Jesamiah Acorne & his ship, Sea Witch
ISBN: 9781906236625 
Published by: SilverWood Books
Price £ 10.99 $18.50 (US)

Back cover blurb :

Jesamiah Acorne, Captain of the Sea Witch, has accepted a pardon of amnesty against his misdeeds of piracy, but old enemies do not forget the past. In particular Edward Teach – Blackbeard himself – has a bone to pick with Acorne.
Following an indiscretion with an old flame, Jesamiah finds his fiancée, the midwife and white witch, Tiola Oldstagh, has gone to North Carolina to help with a difficult birth: the problem, that is where Blackbeard now resides. He must not discover that Tiola is Jesamiah’s woman. She will have to hide her gift of Craft from the black-hearted pirate who has sold his soul to the devil.
With Sea Witch damaged and himself wounded, Jesamiah must take stock of the situation – but arrested for acts of piracy how is he to clear his name, avoid the noose, keep Tiola safe and put an end to Blackbeard – all while being haunted by the ghost of his father?
From the Bahamas to North Carolina and Williamsburg in Virginia Bring It Close moves at a swashbuckling pace. There is intrigue, misunderstandings, romance and adventure – all wrapped up in a blend of supernatural fantasy and a sailor’s yarn of a good read!

What I think of Bring it Close

So, it was with a sad heart I turned the last page of Bring it Close. Already bereft of a friend I had found in the Sea Witch series.

Having read the first two books in the series, I have already established a relationship with the Sea Witch characters. Jesamiah, naturally, but also Tiola, Rue, Isiah, and even Finch weaved his way into my heart just as he did Jesamiah’s. The characters become like old friends, ones you can count on to lift your spirits, distract you from your own life and always be there when you need them. So, it was with a sad heart I turned the last page of Bring it Close. Already bereft of a friend I had found in the Sea Witch series.
But, enough of my loss, I can only re-read these adventures, and wait with bated breath for the fourth installment. So, onto what I thought of the book. In general, Bring it Close was a very climatic third book in the series. Lots of loose ends were tied and issues were accurately sorted to appease readers. As usual with Helen’s work, historical fact is perfectly interwoven with fiction to create something so real, and yet so unbelievable enough, to become a perfect piece of literature for readers to escape into. What I love about this series, is the realness of it. The descriptive details really captivate readers senses, allowing you to almost feel what the characters are feeling. The pirate jargon, so expertly researched, adds such an amazing touch to the story that it just wouldn’t be nearly as good without it.

As far as characters are concerned. I did like Tiola more in this novel, and was only mad at her once; when she let Jesamiah get away with adultery too easily. But, at the same time, that event lent such a realistic image to Jesamiah, being the swashbuckling pirate that he is, that I also forgave him not long after his stupid mistake. I was very pleased with Helen’s introduction and inclusion of the dreaded pirate Blackbeard. He, alone, gave a new depth to the novel. Blackbeard reached a new level of sinister villainy in Bring it Close, and it made for an entirely intriguing novel, while also causing readers to become more emotionally invested in the characters. Once readers are introduced to Blackbeard, you won’t be able to help acknowledging the dangers the heroes find themselves in, and rooting for their outcome while holding your breath. I was also struck by the loyalty of the Sea Witch crew too. They alone make the book worth reading.

The action, adventure, horror, fantasy, and romance of this novel was monumental. I am always enthralled with how Helen Hollick so expertly brings the past to life, and this novel certainly didn’t disappoint. I couldn’t recommend it anymore as a book worth reading. I am glad to have reviewed it, and am certain it will not be long on my shelf before I need my next Jesamiah fix.

If you want to know about the blog tour, or enter the Helen Hollick Give Away, just click on the tour button above and read on!

Pirate Code by Helen Hollick

Being the Second Voyage of Cpt Jesamiah Acorne & his ship, Sea Witch

ISBN 978-1906-23663-2
Published by: SilverWood Books
Price £ 10.99 $18.50 (US)
Availability: Kindle (& other e-book sources i.e. NookBook)
or direct from publisher:
Designed by

Back cover blurb :
Ex pirate, Captain Jesamiah Acorne, is in trouble. Big trouble.
All he wants is to marry his girl, Tiola Oldstagh, and live contented aboard his ship, Sea Witch. But her husband refuses to grant a divorce unless Jesamiah agrees to retrieve some barrels of indigo and smuggle them out of the Spanish-held Caribbean island of Hispaniola. The Governor of Nassau wants Jesamiah to go there too, to help incite a rebellion, and Captain Henry Jennings wants him to find a lost spy. To cap it all, Commodore Vernon of the Royal Navy wants to expand his fleet and craves the Sea Witch for himself.
As Jesamiah’s hopes for a quiet life tumble about him, the onset of war with Spain scuppers everyone’s plans. Hispaniola is governed by a tyrant who has promised to hang, draw and quarter Jesamiah if ever he sets foot there again, while the lovely widow, Señora Francesca Escudero would prefer to seduce him.
Intrigue, fights, betrayals and romantic passion follow Captain Acorne like a ship’s wake – not the ingredients for a quiet life; and not Jesamiah’s idea of the rules of the Pirate Code!
Pirate Code contains all the traditional elements of a pirate novel – fights, rum, wenching, intrigue, storms at sea and men being tossed overboard. It has exciting adventure, passionate romance and daring heroism, all intermingled with a blend of believable fantasy. A dashing rogue of a pirate captain, a white which and Helen Hollick’s master ability at story-telling – what better ingredients for an exciting read?

What I think of Pirate Code

Helen Hollick creates a literary work of art and a tribute to pirate history.

I was so looking forward to book two in the Captain Jesamiah Acorne Voyages and I was not disappointed. When I reviewed book one, Sea Witch, I talked about the characters and how likable they are, so I won’t go into it again here, because I still agree with that opinion. For the most part anyway.

The Pirate Code Aboard the Sea Witch

Pirate Code takes a unique move for Jesamiah, because he suddenly finds himself a pirate hero. I liked that because in Pirate Code we see a lot more of the honorable side of the dishonorable Jesamiah. His love is undeniable and his loyalty (for the most part) unmatched. I specifically had a favorite scene in this one when my heart literally swooned at the loyalty shown to Jesamiah, for a change, but I won’t give it away.

Pirate Code deals a lot with just that, the pirate code. Helen Hollick and her effervescent way of bringing history to life, showed the distinct differences between captains and their codes aboard their own ships. Jesamiah for example had the usual pirate code, with a few changes, one being that they could not vote to replace him with a new Captain, he was Captain of Sea Witch and that was that. The code Jesamiah lives by, was evident in this novel and endeared him more to me than ever before.

Jesamiah and the Women who Love him

One of the more obvious details of this novel is how much Jesamiah is loved by women. Besides Tiola, there are now others completely enraptured by the Cap’n. Tethys, goddess of the ocean, and her daughter Rain, are two of the larger contenders thanks to their powers. Between the two of them and Tiola, with a few brothel ladies and an English spy thrown in, readers see how attractive Jesamiah is. He is the Jack Sparrow of the book world, and even more handsome then Johnny Depp. He is adored by women and abhorred by most men. Somehow, he constantly finds himself on the wrong end of the stick; roped, bribed and beaten into doing what others are too afraid to do.

In Pirate Code, my only qualm was losing a little of the love I had for Tiola. Amidst the pages of this novel, she seemed weaker and more troublesome than before, leaving me often wondering if Jesamiah could do better. She had me rolling my eyes more often than not, but she did elicit a reaction in me still, so I have hopes for her in book three.

Why You Should Read Pirate Code

This novel was certainly entertaining, and just as adventurous as its predecessor. I teared up during a page or two and became more emotionally invested in some of the characters. One of my favorite aspects of Helen Hollick’s writing is her way of bringing to life the past. Using facts she thoroughly researched, the author creates a literary work of art and a tribute to history. Her pirates are not simply romantic heroes, but the often un-bathed, troublesome pillagers they have always been. These sort of details lend a credibility to the book and make it believable. The accuracy of the unwashed pirates, the torturing, the pillaging, the jails etc. make the story and accurate historical fiction novel that is undoubtedly hard to put down.

Helen Hollick even introduces some real-life historical figures, which naturally makes the story more interesting and real in the minds of readers. I have to admit, I look forward to meeting Blackbeard in book three. If you like stories that accurately whisk you away to another time and place, carry emotionally investing characters and contain expertly written prose, then Pirate Code, and the book that came before it; Sea Witch, are perfect for you.

Helen Hollick is even sponsoring a few giveaways of the books too, so click on the blog tour image at the top of this post and find out all the details you need to know to get a Sea Witch treasure for your own.

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Ahoy der mateys! Let’s get right into it shall we?

Sea Witch by Helen Hollick
Being the First Voyage of Cpt Jesamiah Acorne & his ship, Sea Witch

ISBN 978-1906-23660-1
Published by: SilverWood Books
Price £ 10.99  $18.50 (US)
Availability: Kindle (& other e-book sources i.e. NookBook)
or direct from publisher:
Designed by

Back cover blurb :
The Time: The golden age of piracy – 1716
The Place: The pirate round – from Africa to the Caribbean
At 15 Jesamiah Acorne escapes the bullying of his elder half brother to become a pirate with only two loves – the sea and his freedom. But his life is to change after an attack on a merchant ship off the coast of South Africa when he meets the mysterious Tiola Oldstagh – an insignificant girl, or so he assumes until he discovers her true identity – a white witch
Tiola and Jesamiah becomes lovers, but the wealthy Stefan van Overstratten also wants Tiola as his wife and Jesamiah’s brother, Phillipe Mereno, is determined to seek revenge for resentments of the past. When the call of the sea and an opportunity to commandeer a beautiful ship – the Sea Witch – is put in Jesamiah’s path he must choose between his life as a pirate or his love for Tiola. He wants both, but Mereno and van Overstratten want him dead.
Tiola must use her gift of Craft to rescue her lover, but first she must brave the darkness of the ocean depths and confront the supernatural presence of Tethys, the goddess of the sea, who will stop at nothing to claim the soul of Jesamiah Acorne for herself.


What I thought of Sea Witch:

 Helen Hollick has sheer talent for bringing history to life in the present, and making it look effortless.

To put it plain and simple, I loved it. With what appears to be ease, the author managed to stuff a novel full of facts about the past, mix around a few too, and come up with a fictional novel resembling something akin to accuracy. Helen Hollick has sheer talent for bringing history to life in the present, and making it look effortless.

Piracy in History Comes to Life

In Sea Witch, readers undergo a history lesson, without even realizing it. Subtly Helen Hollick has a way of showing what she has learned through research and hard work, without over-stuffing the novel with facts or seeming boastfully preachy. Artfully she teaches us through the eternal way of storytelling. Some facts she admits to rearranging to better the story, but overall Helen Hollick did her homework and it shows. If she had not done so well, this book would not be such a rampaging success.
Because of her research Helen Hollick makes Sea Witch seem like a real-life story. I could almost feel the salt spray my face and the rock of the ocean waves aboard a smelly pirate ship. I kid you not, I also felt the need to drink a tot of rum to expand upon the senses the author invokes within readers. The setting seemed so real, whether it was aboard a pillaging ocean vessel, in a Caribbean jail, or on a tobacco plantation, you feel a part of the story and can see the places surrounding you. Meeting real life characters helps too.

Characters? No, People!

One of the greatest reasons to read Helen Hollick’s  Sea Witch, is the characters, if I dare call them that. I can almost feel Tiola smiling at me and Jesamiah giving me a scowl at calling him a character. And don’t call her Ti-oh-la, it is pronounced Tee-la, short and sweet just like her, as Jesamiah would say. These characters really do come to life amidst the pages of this novel. Captain Jesamiah Acorne, a man with scars that run internally deep, is the epitome of a pirate, and then some. He, you will love especially.

Captain Jesamiah Acorne will lie to you, cheat you and steal all your gold, as any good pirate would, but he will risk his life to save you, never forget you and award you handsomely if he likes you. Somehow Helen Hollick managed to create Jesamiah as a character who has an honorable sense of integrity, an innate sense to love and be loved and a loyal disposition that can never be broken. If you are a part of his crew, he will fight to the death to save you, and you would do the same for him. He will punish you for a wrong move, just as fast as he will honor you for a good deed. It is apparent that Helen Hollick liked Pirates of the Caribbean and threw a little Jack Sparrow into Jesamiah, but that will only endear the novel more and does not take away from it in anyway.

Tiola Oldstagh is perfect for Jesamiah in every way. A White Witch, she has the power to defeat any man, or god, and yet she doesn’t because she has that balance of good that runs deep within her. Being all that is sweet and caring she sees the greatness in Jesamiah, and would brave an entire ship-full of men if he needed her. Tiola is a natural healer, and Jesamiah is the perfect man to be healed through love.

Why you Should Read Sea Witch

Sea Witch is a historical novel with some romance thrown in that will immediately delight and entertain you. Full of swashbuckling adventure and constant suspense, the novel is a slowly moving giant with fast-paced events. The characters are unforgettable, the dialogue is extremely pirate, savvy? And you simply won’t be able to put this book down or hesitate before picking up book two. Truly a noteworthy pirate tale.

Helen Hollick is even sponsoring a few giveaways of the books too, so click on the blog tour image at the top of this post and find out all the details you need to know to get a Sea Witch treasure for your own.

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Cornelia Amiri has been writing professionally for ten years and the publication of Peace Love Music marks her as the author of a dozen books, including her Celtic/Romances with Eternal Press, filled with magic, hot heroes, and warrior women: A Fine Cauldron of Fish, Queen of Kings, Druid Bride, and The Wolf and the Druidess. She and her cat, Severus, live in Houston, TX as does her wonderful son and granddaughter. Cornelia loves hearing from her fans, please visit her on her website, or email Cornelia at

Peace Love Music by Cornelia Amiri

From Amazon: 

Jodi’s birthday breaks her free of the foster care scene and launches her on a journey of self discovery. She thumbs her way to Woodstock to groove on peace, love, and music.

The moment Blue spots Jodi strutting toward him barefoot in the rain, he’s overcome with déjà vu. She doesn’t share his feeling that they were lovers in a previous life, thinking it’s half crazy, still she feels she’s meant to be with the irresistible hippie. As an adult now Jodi’s free to be naughty rather than nice and he’s the man who can make her wildest dreams, the sensual ones, come true.

Is she headed for a love in his tepee?

Amiri, Cornelia. Peace, Love and Music. Eternal Press. May 2011. ISBN 978-1-61572-376-8

What I thought about it:

The first thing I have to mention is the intense energy of this book. I felt like I was at Woodstock, falling right in love with Blue and the atmosphere, along with Jodie. Something I did, which I highly recommend for readers, is listen to the songs played at Woodstock as they are mentioned throughout the story. I wanted so badly to be there and groove with The Who and Janis Joplin, that I simply had to add to the ambiance of the setting. If you are a flower-child with some incense lying around, go ahead and burn that too. This is such a brilliant story to immerse yourself in, that any sensory overloads you can achieve with music and scent will be a bonus.

I liked how Cornelia Amiri stuffed in the facts about the singers and bands. Their apt descriptions all encourage the readers to get into the groovy scene, man. Especially toward the end. I have to commend the author for how she detailed Jimmy Hendrix and his Star Spangled Banner set. I could really feel Jodie and Blue’s emotion through the wonderfully written prose.

As for the characters; they were vibrant and far from cardboard cutouts. Both the main characters and the sub-characters came to life in my mind and became people I could easily picture. Almost to the point of thinking more of them as friends, memories of which I could drudge up at a later date.

Though Peace Love Music is a short book, it is in no way lacking. Taking place over the three days of Woodstock, it is action packed. The fast-paced love story was so expertly written for the era and the setting, that it was a breath of fresh air. My only complaint was the past life dreams/memories/experiences. The idea of past lives was a very groovy notion, so to speak, but I almost thought the characters were going to turn into their past life counter parts and make the book a paranormal romance. The book was just too short for that sort of sub-plot.

Otherwise, I recommend this book to any and all peace loving individuals who want to rock on and escape from their lives for a bit.

Alright folks, here are some links to reviews of some of the past month’s novels I read, one of which I am giving away (or two) at the moment, so pay attention.

SEALed Forever by Mary Margret Daughtridge

The plot certainly contains mystery and action and that ever elusive question of will he or won’t he? That sort of tension, the knowledge that you, in fact, have very little knowledge and will only know the end at the end, is worth reading the book for.

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This one is our specially mentioned review. Don’t forget to honor, not only the SEALs, but all military today and every day. Happy Memorial Day, remember always; lest we forget.
Wickedly Charming by Kristine Grayson
Kristine Grayson has done the unthinkable; split up one of the most well known fairy tale couples and had them fall in love with other people, aptly titling the book Wickedly Charming. As partial as I am to the fairy tale movies I grew up watching, that undoubtedly turned me into a lifelong Disney fanatic, I absolutely, and surprisingly, loved this romance fiction masterpiece

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Want to win your own copy of Wickedly Charming…FOR FREE….enter to win on this post. Last day for this one. So Hurry.

Love Drunk Cowboy by Carolyn Brown

Full of emotions and lusty romance, two characters are inexplicably drawn together, even though their futures are so very different. Spurs meet spiked heels, leaving one cowboy absolutely love drunk and one city girl wanting watermelon wine more than ever.

Read more at Suite101: Love Drunk Cowboy – A Romance Book Review |

And lucky for you, the always fantabulous Danielle at Sourbooks Inc. Publishing House is giving away a copy of Love Drunk Cowboy to two lucky winners. See how.

I haven’t posted any of my reviews for awhile, so here ya go. I will make a couple of posts according to sub-genre and voila, one click reviews at your service.

Awaken the Highland Warrior by Anita Clenney

It all begins with a demon-fighting warrior from the Highlands who was locked in a time vault for one hundred and fifty-one years. From the first lines, the action is intense and the scenes extremely suspenseful. The end of the world hangs in the balance, naturally, and only one man has the power to fight the demons and save the world.

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Vlad: The last Confession by C.C. Humphreys
Vlad: The Last Confession is a book unlike any you have read so far. The man behind the myth of Dracula and his vampiric world has never been seen like you see him in this novel. The story is utterly raw with emotion, with truth (as far as it is known) and so expertly written that it is hard to put down and impossible to forget. A historical thriller, the novel is told from a narrative point of view and is so engrossing that every preconceived notion you ever had of the man will fly out the window, as soon as you open the first page.

Read more at Suite101: Vlad: The Last Confession: Book Review |

I know the above one isn’t technically a romance, but there is a love story involved amidst the horror, so I am including it with historical romance here.

My Book Review for Darcy and Fitzwillia; a tale of a gentleman and an officer by Karen V. Wasylowski is up and running on Suite101.  Read a bit about if from Sourcebooks Inc. below then check out the review.

Darcy and Fitzwilliam; a tale of a gentleman and on officer

A gentleman in love cannot survive without his best friend…
Fitzwilliam Darcy and Colonel Fitzwilliam couldn’t be more different, and that goes for the way each one woos and pursues the woman of his dreams. Darcy is quiet and reserved, careful and dutiful, and his qualms and hesitations are going to torpedo his courtship of Elizabeth. His affable and vivacious cousin, Colonel Fitzwilliam is a military hero whose devil-may-care personality hides the torments within, until he finds himself in a passionate, whirlwind affair with a beautiful widow who won’t hear of his honorable intentions.

Cousins, best friends, and sparring partners, Darcy and Fitzwilliam have always been there for each other. So it’s no surprise when the only one who can help Darcy fix his botched marriage proposals is Fitzwilliam, and the only one who can pull Fitzwilliam out of an increasingly dangerous entanglement is Darcy…

My Book Review for The Forever Queen by Helen Hollick is up and running on Suite101.  Read a bit about if from Sourcebooks Inc. below then check out the review.

Forever Queen

What kind of woman becomes the wife of two kings, and the mother of two more?

Saxon England, 1002. Not only is Æthelred a failure as King, but his young bride, Emma of Normandy, soon discovers he is even worse as a husband. When the Danish Vikings, led by Swein Forkbeard and his son, Cnut, cause a maelstrom of chaos, Emma, as Queen, must take control if the Kingdom—and her crown—are to be salvaged. Smarter than history remembers, and stronger than the foreign invaders who threaten England’s shores, Emma risks everything on a gamble that could either fulfill her ambitions and dreams or destroy her completely.

Emma, the Queen of Saxon England, comes to life through the exquisite writing of Helen Hollick, who shows in this epic tale how one of the most compelling and vivid heroines in English history stood tall through a turbulent fifty-year reign of proud determination, tragic despair, and triumph over treachery.