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Debut Author Rachel Ferraro is having a big year, with her trilogy being published, her poetry in an anthology, and a new book contract, what more is there to make a writer’s dreams come true? So, let’s take a look at Rachel’s handiwork and see what she has to offer the readers of this world.

Book One in Rachel Ferraro’s Roxanne Mason Trilogy-Demon Dreams

Let me admit right now, that Demon Dreams is not only my favorite of Rachel Ferraro’s books but is a book I really liked overall. This novella really has it all; action, adventure, romance, paranormal, mystery. You name it, Demon Dreams has it. And that is why I recommend it so highly. This story really does have something for everyone and is entertaining the whole way through. The characters are gripping, especially Roxy of course, and will hold onto your heart passed the turning of the last page. I liked the diversity of the book, that amidst everything else, Demon Dreams also held a strong focus on the unimaginable, unending love of God, even where demons are concerned.
Demon Dreams really introduces Roxy to readers, showing that she saves lives as a Medevac pilot, then winds up saving souls for eternity, the path that leads her there is certainly a bumpy one, but the author writes it so well that it will become real in your mind’s eye.

Rachel Ferraro has created a unique, and outstanding novel that will appeal to readers of many different genres. Demon Dreams can fit into the category of such genres as: romance, thriller, paranormal, inspirational, and so many more. The book simply has it all.
- Online Magazine

The adventure, romance, suspense and thrills of the novel will keep readers hanging on the edge of their seats, with adrenaline pumping. Suffice it to say, Demon Dreams is not a book easily put down. Newcomer Rachel Ferraro will certainly leave her readers wanting more.

  • Ferraro, Rachel, Demon Dreams, North Star Press of St. Cloud Inc., July 1, 2011, ISBN 978-0878394333, Paranormal/Romance Novella

Book Two in Rachel Ferraro’s Roxanne Mason Trilogy-Mirrored Soul

Mirrored Soul is like a woman’s coming of age story if that makes any sense. Reading along as Roxy finds her smile again, comes to grip with her past, is a beautiful and sweet ride to tag along on. I was worried at first that it would be sort of slow, but I couldn’t seem to put it down, I was hooked and once I got to the end I saw why readers should get to know the Roxy from the beginning and it all made sense. Everything kind of fit into place and even what seemed slow at first, was integral in the grander scheme of the story.
This is definitely a good book to read before Demon Dreams. I would have liked to get to know Roxy more in book one, but you get to know her plenty in Mirrored Soul. I really like the title for this one too. When I read the conversation about mirrored souls between Roxy and her husband Evan I literally exclaimed, “Yeah WOW,” so that was perfect thinking on Rachel Ferraro’s part. This novel doesn’t have the paranormal, which is sort of intriguing in a sense. You get to really know the characters without the supernatural aspects overshadowing them.

“Mirrored Soul is a terrific and enthralling story of a woman’s journey to find her smile again. No one can tell the tale as vividly and detailed as Rachel Ferraro.” –

“Rachel Ferraro has the unique ability and God-given talent of making a reader smile and cry at the same time. The way she draws on a reader’s emotions and makes you feel like you know the characters personally is simply wonderful. Mirrored Soul is a perfect addition to any book shelf.” – Online Magazine

  • Ferraro, Rachel, Mirrored Soul, North Star Press of St. Cloud Inc., September 1, 2011, ISBN 978-0878394340, Adventure/Romance Novel

Book Three in Rachel Ferraro’s Roxanne Mason Trilogy-Silent Loyalty

Silent Loyalty certainly holds the dramatic end necessary to the Roxanne Mason trilogy. Short and sweet, as all novellas should be, this story holds a lot of great big action between it’s tiny paperback covers. Don’t let the cover fool you, there isn’t a werewolf involved or any shape shifting, as I first expected. However, the book doesn’t need any of that to cloud the drama that already exists amidst its pages. The story is raw and pain-filled but I think that is sort of fitting considering how far readers have already traveled with Roxy. Experiencing alongside characters as they endure the good and bad is the mark of a good story, and making it believable is the mark of a great author.
Rachel Ferraro’s work is certainly worth reading in that aspect. Perfect for summer months by the pool, or cold winter nights by a fire, these books are the sort you will want some alone time for so you can thoroughly enjoy them. Their greatest endearment is perhaps their diversity. Each of the three books is incredibly unique and focuses on a different genre, which makes them appealing to a wider audience.

The Roxanne Mason Trilogy is certainly a roller-coaster of action and Silent Loyalty packs just the right sort of punch for a fitting finale to a great read.  – Online Magazine

Author Rachel Ferraro has written a dynamite ending to her Roxanne Mason Trilogy, full of thrilling suspense and energetic drama, Silent Loyalty will keep you entertained and surprised right up to the last page. –

  • Ferraro, Rachel, Silent Loyalty, North Star Press of St. Cloud Inc., September 1, 2011, ISBN unknown, Suspense/Thriller Novella

Poetry by Rachel Ferraro – Into the Light

I won’t go into detail about the aesthetics of Rachel Ferraro’s poems; repetition, symbolism, ambiguity, irony, rhyme and other stylistic elements offer too wide a range for multiple interpretations and I am but one voice. Suffice it to say, I will tell you that I like her poetry and the way she conveys it.
There is a lot of strength, a lot of power and emotion in her poems, especially the ones about demons. They are dark, yet Rachel Ferraro shines light on them. My favorite poem in Into the Light  is perhaps the first; aptly titled “Into the Light.” I loved “Crap on the Floor” too, yes that is the title, because the way Rachel Ferraro portrayed the cat, Dancie, reminded me of how important the cat was to little Roxy in Demon Dreams. You could really feel the impact of Dancie on her young owner.

Rachel Ferraro’s poems carry a lot emotion that you can feel as you read along, making you a conductor of the power and strength this poet possesses. Expertly written and powerfully construed words make it a real joy to read. – Online Magazine

Into the Light will be published in an anthology mid 2012. Demon Dreams is available from Amazon below and from Barnes and Noble.