My personal favourites have ranged from novels written by Enid Blyton to auto-biographies. These can get interesting and the novels are just the kind of things that gives us readers the kick that gets our adrenaline rushing! As we get good novels to read sometimes few games that we play brings back us to the real world.


The few games which I am talking about is the online bingo games. Many readers will associate with this. A fun game where you involve bingo cards and numbers that leads you to win the grand jackpot prize. Just as novels takes us to different places, Bingo takes us to a different time level when you start playing there. However if you are wondering why should you play bingo? The answer is simple, it helps you living longer! Simple, isn’t? It seems there is a study where researchers claimed on how bingo games have kept players’ minds more engaged and hence increased the duration of their lives too. Here is my suggestion., you could try playing bingo here where the site has a theme. GameVillage Bingo, a site known to many as one of the best bingo sites where players are lovingly called as villagers. They even get to own funky virtual home to play with. You could upgrade it to castle just like the one’s we imaging while reading our novels. What got me attracted first place in the site is the deposit bonus specials so that you get more than you thought. They even have their own bingo radio, to tune in and listen to your favourite tracks without any advertisements.


So play in these sites and get the fun ball rolling as you could be getting a chance to win the huge progressive jackpot. Till then I wish you all luck when you begin playing in these games.

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